Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) has been the talk in a lot of different places in the last couple months. From her new style, to her crazy hair,  her new music, her twerking, and her incident at the VMA’s. Needless to say shes been the talk of the summer. The newest news about Miley, is that she is supposed to feature on Knaye West’s (@KanyeWest) remix to his hit single ‘Black Skinhead’ off of his latest work ‘Yeezus’. Apparently she skipped her VMA afterparty to go lay down her portion of the track in the studio with Kanye. This will be on Kanye’s remix LP of Yeezus dropping later this year.

So far she has featured on tracks with producer Mike Will Made It and French Montana. Hannnnnnn! Her upcoming album ‘Bangerz’ is set to feature Ludacris, Future, Pharrell and more. Miley is taking over the hip-hop game I guess? Who ever though Hannah Montana would be the next female star in the hip hop world?!