Last night…I was in no condition to go out with my allergies acting up, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop by Started From The Bottom producer, Mike Zombie’s mixtape release party!!! He’s made amazing strides so far in his career, even lending his SFTB beat to a Sprite commercial! It was definitely an east-coast event. I saw everyone from my favorite rappers signed and unsigned, to people I haven’t seen since middle school and high school. Mike Zombie is from my hometown of Willingboro, NJ, the home of greats such as Olympic champion, Carl Lewis (s/o Boro High).

zombie party


So, let’s get into the event! I arrived at The Legendary Tower Theater with my friend, former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader-turned publicist, Britani Ashanti exactly at 10pm. We expected the place to be packed, so we wanted to be sure. The event was FREE-99, which was great for my poor little college student wallet, but my bottle of Coke was $6….we’ll have to work on that. Mina Say What was in the building, and she did a great interview of Mike before the party started that you can check out. Before the event at about 8pm, I’m told there were also free drinks from sponsor, Twenty Grand Vodka. I don’t drink, but I was informed that people really enjoyed the mixture of Twenty Grand’s Vodka & Cognac or “Vod-yak” as some people were calling it!

The music was provided by two of the “Hottest” DJs on the east coast, Hot 97’s DJ Wallah (NY) &  Hot 107.9’s DJ Greg Nitty (Philly). This was my first Wallah party (and I was not disappointed!), but I rock with Greg Nitty almost nightly on Hot 107, and they definitely did their thing on the wheels.  At 12 midnight, it was time for Mike to perform songs from The End Of The Beginning. Now, I had gotten a chance to listen to the entire mixtape days before everyone got a copy at the party, and it is definitely a keepsake. Some of the things that are discussed, you would only know about if you were from here, and the rest you would only know about if you just walked a mile in Zombie’s shoes. Take a look at some of the performance videos below, and you can also check out video on mine & Mike’s instagrams. If you listen to “616” & “I Got Time”, you’ll understand just how turnt Mike had the entire crowd as he performed. Of course life can’t be all parties and “turn-ups”, and Mike took the time to share his story of success “from the bottom” when he performed the title track from his tape. I just wanna run down the list of everyone I met up with. This was an east-coast party as I’ve said, and I got to meet all my favorite music people that I’ve been working with this year directly, indirectly, and through the power of social media. I was also glad to network and meet some new faces in the industry.

chill moody

Chill Moody

britani & chill

Britani Ashanti & Chill Moody


me & zombie

My phone started to die…no flash =[ Me & Mike Zombie!



zombie mom

Mother Zombie


mike zu

Mike Zombie & Zu Life

Special s/o to Mike Zombie, Mother Zombie,  A Cut Above Management, Latney Williams Party Promotions, OVO Sound, Zu Life, Chill Moody, Britani Ashanti, Taz of The Tazmania Show, Ivy the Producer, DJ Wallah, DJ Greg Nitty, The Pogue Brothers, Dreez a.k.a. Mr. Lyrics Matter, Jersey’s Fav, Fav Gang TV, & DJ T-Millz of YMCMB!!! If I forgot anybody, my bad, there were a lot of you.

Mike Zombie is an inspiration to this city, and most importantly to myself. I’m not here to give shine to myself, but when I first started working as a DJ at Holiday Skating Center in Delanco, NJ in 2011, he was the first underground/unsigned artist I ever played there. He should know that the club mixes on Zombies Live worked every single time to make my sets pop. I see you, I’m proud of you beyond words, and thank you for being yourself through it all.




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