Mike Zombie - I Got Time

You already know him, I’m sure. He’s made headlines from Sprite commercials, to Nike commercials, and of course you KNOW he’s the man behind the boards on Drake’s “Started from the Bottom”! New Jersey’s own (Willingboro, NJ to be exact) MIKE ZOMBIE drops another banger for the streets with “I Got Time”. Dropping the track at 6:09pm tonight, Mike is from my hometown & I can never say it enough: I am filled to the brim with pride of the success the man’s reached, and I absolutely can not wait to see what he’ll do next.

Actually, if you’re just now getting hip to who Mike Zombie is, just check out some of his work BEFORE he wore the OVO stamp. Respect the hustle, respect the grind.



Zombies Live (if you’re from Jersey and you don’t download this, I’m slapping you.)

Hot Commodity

Prince of the Boro

Instrumentally Challenged