In an interview with XXL, the producer talked about working with Miley Cyrus on her huge comeback, his record label Eardrumma Records and creating a new sound.

The “23” producer named Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz as his biggest accomplishment of last year.

“I would say executive producing my first project, working on Miley Cyrus’ album,” he said. “Even to see all of the songs that me and Miley worked on last year turning into a whole tour. That’s she’s killin’ and that’s being sold out every night. Actually being able to go to the shows and seeing the crowd just stand up on they feet the whole time, singing all the songs and loving the songs like that.”

Now that his clientele has pushed passed Hip Hop and R&b acts, Mike wants to develop a new sound that will change the way people judge his catalog.

“Continuing to produce different records for different people that I’m working with,” he said. Coming up with a new sound and having people excited about those songs like they have been previously. I feel like I’m in a different space, because I’ve done so much previously with my songs and things like that. Since I set the bar so high, I gotta make sure I’m following up. It’s like, this year isn’t really about having a whole slew of things that’s all over the place, because I’ve already done that. Now it’s time for quality over quantity. Well, it was never quantity over quality, it was quality and quantity at the same time.”