Mike Will Made It recently sat down and spoke with Life And Times Magazine about many of his new and upcoming projects, including his debut album, Eardrummer, and new albums/singles from artists he has been working with. More specifically, in the interview he discusses how working with Miley Cyrus was one of the best and most different experiences thus far.

He also explained in his conversation with REVOLT that when he originally crafted the record, “We Can’t Stop,” his intentions were to give it to an artist that was “ready to draw that line” rather than “walk the line.”

He goes on further to say, “I always used to tell people that I got a record that’s like the new ‘Party in the U.S.A., and people would hear it and be like, ‘Oh that sh-t is dope.’ Then somebody was like, ‘Oh you thinking about giving it to Miley Cyrus?’ I was like, she not gonna work with me, it’s going to be too much to try to get to her, I’m cool, I’m ’bout to just give it to somebody else.”

It was by chance that Mike Will Made It had met with RCA Records who then put him in direct contact with Miley Cyrus and from there he felt as if it was destiny, and the product of their efforts comes in the current No. 2 song in the country.

Even Miley herself was excited about the collaboration, saying during a recent interview with MTV News UK that “he’s got a sound that’s like really young, especially him being 23, it just makes him have this sound that is fearless.”

Check out the video below and see first-hand what Mike Will Made It had to say!