wire reunion at the paley center in new york

The cast of HBO‘s critically acclaimed drama series, The Wire, reunited this week for a panel discussion at the Paley Center for Media in New York! The panel included some of my favorite cast members, Michael K. Williams, Tristan “Mack” Wilds, Sonja Sohn, and Jamie Hector, as well as the show writers and producers, David Simon and Nina Noble.

There were plenty of interesting fun facts that were revealed during the panel! Wendell Pierce, who played Detective “Bunk” Moreland, said he felt the show actually added to the drug trafficking problem in America, rather than trying to propose a solution to it, and was ready to exit the show because of it. Sonja Sohn, known for her role as Detective Kima Greggs, says that she show hit close to home for her as well,as she had a brother who dealt drugs. “Kima” was also supposed to be killed off in the episode where she was shot (which, if you’ve seen that episode, you know how crazy that was) but I remember crying after she lived through it!

I’m glad to see a lot of my favorite actors from the show still working! Michael K. Williams, known as the notorious “Omar”, has been in countless movies, and even has a starring role on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire! Williams even says “It”s great having been exposed to such great cast members”. Tristan Wilds is headlining his own concerts as “Mack” Wilds these days, and Larry Gilliard Jr. (“D’Angelo Barksdale”) has been appearing in some really cool indie horror films you can find on Netflix! When Gilliard received his first script, he says “I knew [the show] was something special.” Surprisingly, Wendell Pierce says the show didn’t receive much acclaim while it was on the air. “We weren’t very well known, so we partied a lot!” he says.

It’s still my hope that in years to come we’ll get a discussion panel from the “Corner Boys” of Season 4 of The Wire, so that Mack Wilds and the rest of the younger cast can talk about the effects of drug dealing on teenagers. I think that’s a point of the show that a lot of people leave out, simply because they were kids at the time.

Check out the panel below!