Back in February, Future and Young Thug traded shots at each other over social media. Both artists were preparing to release huge projects, Future with his EVOL album, and Thugger with his long-awaited Slime Season 3.

In the midst of it all, producer Metro Boomin’ had released a generic, no-names-dropped tweet questioning rappers that he felt stole Future‘s formula for success. Young Thug noticed the tweet, and sent shots to Future, leading to the Twitter-fingers war that broke out online.

In a new interview with The FADER, Metro Boomin’ discusses how he pretty much played the background of the petty argument, because he’s friends and business partners with both artists. Not to mention, at one time, they were all hanging out in studios making music together. Young Metro says that although there’s a lot of ego involved, he would like to see the two get back to that state of good vibes between each other.

“It’s some crazy shit. You can’t have either one of them feel like you fucking with the other one more than them. Either one of them would be offended. You gotta remain neutral as much as possible. It’s no bias. Atlanta, man—everybody’s a male, there’s a lot of ego. Somebody gotta be number one. Neither one of them are the type to settle for number two. I feel like they both motivate each other, and it’s good for the culture and the music—just as long as it stay at that.”

He continued saying, “The songs we were doing, they’re so great. They’re still great. It could be so much better.” In the April/May cover story, Metro Boomin’ also discussed how his mother played a major role in encouraging him to keep producing music.

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