shake dt3


Meet @shakeburton, Shake is the “Man behind the Music” delivering the best of signed and unsigned hip-hop artist from East coast to West coast. Shake has been the A&R and Executive Producer for DJ Damage’s Mixtape Series Damaging The Streets Vol 1 and Vol 2. With his musical trained background in sound recording and radio Shake has developed his career in the local music scene. Shake has been trained, worked personally and produced  with some of Philadelphia’s Legendary Radio Jocks and DJ’s from WDAS Patti Jackson to Hot 107.9 Q Deezy. Shake has many talents from producing beats, writing music and developing upcoming artist. Since collaborating with DJ Damage, Shake has became the “Go to Guy” for ground breaking objectives. We asked him what keeps him going? He said “I do it for the music, because that was my first love” Currently he is A&R for DJ Damage 3rd installment “Damaging The Streets Vol.3”. Shake is the next best thing coming out of Philadelphia! Stay tuned for more.

CONTACT : IG @shakeburton , TWITTER: shakemoney215