M.I.A. is officially back to the booth, after taking some time off to be a mommy. The “Paper Planes” singer took to Instagram this week, confirming some plans she has for her music in the near future.

MIA revealed that the mixtape will be three songs in all and totals at 12 minutes in length. She also described it as “a piece of work that has no boundaries and transitions”. It’ll also be accompanied by a short film. See the Instagram post below.


She uploaded a screenshot of an email to her label, adding the caption: “It’s real ! here’s my press release you know that same time as my label”.

It’s real ! here’s my press release you know that same time as my label .

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Meanwhile, MIA has claimed that she’s being prevented from releasing a new music video. The singer, who was born in London of Sri Lankan Tamil heritage, detailed the situation via Twitter on May 18, suggesting that accusations of “cultural appropriation” were halting the clip.

“I’ve been told I can’t put out a video because it’s shot in Africa,” she wrote. “What happens when I shoot videos in America or Germany it makes no sense to the 00.01% of artists like me.” MIA explained that the video was filmed in Ivory Coast, featuring a dancer that she describes as “the best in the wide world”. She added, “If the music industry allows an African artist to come through this year on intnl level, I would gladly give him this video for free.”