Young Thug and Lyor Cohen butt heads in the bullpen on this week’s episode of “Follow The Leader.” The episode aired earlier this month on CNBC, and a clip surfaced on the web which features Young Thug getting guidance and advice on his music from 300 Entertainment CEO, Lyor Cohen. Though the two don’t see eye to eye on what Thug‘s daily work agenda should have consisted of prior to dropping Slime Season 3, it is cool to see how comfortable Thug is telling Cohen “hell naw” when deciding how to move. The question we hope gets answered is “How does a person like Lyor Cohen, manage acts like Young Thug, Migos, and the rest?” Thug knows how the streets consume music, but Lyor knows how to market great talent.

Tune in below to see how Cohen tries to combine raw street music with refined boardroom strategy.