The most talked-about rapper of the south is making headlines once again again, and this time, it’s looking like a case of déjà vu.

Gucci Mane has been noted throughout the hip-hop community as one of the most influential (and powerful) artists for this generation, having changed southern rap music as we know it, and having created waves of movements with his 1017 record label and his many affiliates (Waka Flocka, Zoo Gang/Remy Boyz, etc.) Even from behind bars, Gucci Mane continued to satisfy his fans with a steady release of new music, including his recently released, East Atlanta Santa 2.

However this week, Gucci Mane’s personal Twitter and Instagram accounts have been mysteriously deleted without explanation following teaser posts that suggested we’d see a release date for the Atlanta rapper in March this year. In the past, we’ve watched GuWop (or his management) suspend his social media accounts following suspicious rants in late 2013, where the rapper lashed out at several of his peers including Nicki Minaj, Jeezy, and T.I.


GuWop’s record label, 1017 Records, have taken to their official Instagram account to reveal that his expected release from prison will be in March 2016. As the #FreeGucci countdown begins, Gucci‘s engineer, Sean Paine, has told Pigeons & Planes that the reason behind the deleted socials is so that Gucci can build anticipation towards his release and start fresh once he’s out– “resurface everything under the new Gucci brand.”

Fans are able to write to Gucci at the following address:

RADRIC DAVIS #65556019

Guwop get out in march 2016

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