King Tubby reigns supreme on the electric finger-licking & dubbed-out grooves of Ridgewood-dwelling R. Hundro‘s second album 007 Town. R. Hundro is the East Coast’s very own multi-instrumentalist and singer Colin White, and this recently released second album as R. Hundro (also check out his debut LP, Invisible On Report). Electric guitar, bass, a Yamaha drum machine, a tiny Cube amp and his voice are his alchemical materials. Since the 2013 demise of the Blanche Blanche Blanche & Big French bands where he was ponying up the lead, Colin‘s been kicking up a lot of dust between these R. Hundro tapes & the Exxo Riders, Jesus Jim & now Skyn Twynz, all his current band projects. It’s hard to place this music, emanating as it is from somewhere deep in the wall behind & between a Trux poster, a cassette of Trey Lewd‘s “Drop the Line”, fire extinguisher & door …

Colin describes his new project:
“007 Town was recorded in the winter of 2014 all on a 4 track cassette recorder. beats were made using an old yamaha drum machine. As far as the music goes, its pretty much just wah guitar-driven rock songs over drum machine beats with heavy delay. The beats draw a lot of influence from dub music from the 70s and 80s, with all the echo manipulation and EQ sweeping, but musically the album doesn’t sound anything like dub. Royal Trux and P Funk are big influences on me, the Stones, King Tubby and UGK.”

R. Hundro‘s wiggling and grooving album will have you tilted into microfiche by this 007 Town.