Lil Scrappy is definitely feeling the heat after all that shade he threw at transgender women, prompting the LGBT community to show all their colors and “come for him,” so to speak.

This week, Lil Scrappy posting an Instagram video about doing a “p***y check” on women and demanding baby pictures, for fear that they actually might have been men at one point in their lives.

After the video was posted, VH1 announced groundbreaking music producer D. Smith as the first-ever transgender cast member to join Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, with the season set to debut April 4th.

via VH1:

“Smith’s defining moment came after being tapped by Lil Wayne to be a part of his most successful project to date “The Carter III,” which sold one million copies in its debut week, one of only three rap albums in history to ever achieve this feat. With her spitfire sidekick and aspiring singer Betty Idol by her side, this dynamic duo will take the Atlanta scene by storm.”

No one is exactly sure what prompted Scrappy‘s outburst on social media. However, as industry folk, we definitely smell an operation going on here — but from the big-wigs over at VH1. Fans are speculating on social media that Scrappy‘s unwarranted comments, mixed with the arrival of D. Smith, are just a ploy for ratings and to foreshadow the upcoming season.

Being a staunch supporter of the LGBT community, Momma Dee wasn’t taking anything her son said lightly, and asked not to be associated with Scrappy‘s point of view.


Momma Dee reprimanded her son and apologized to the LGBT community on his behalf, saying in her own Instagram video that she didn’t raise him that way. With Scrappy being a supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, he should know that the movement includes trans lives as well, and that his comments were just plain disgusting.