The odds of a rapper who speaks about faith, monogamy and positive human growth forging his legacy in mainstream hip-hop seems rather unlikely, but then again, Lecrae goes entirely against popular culture’s opinion of hip-hop. And despite some publications and hip-hop heads painting him into a corner as a “Christian Rapper,” the Atlanta-by-way-of-Houston MC isn’t here to teach fans The Bible or to make them believe in any particular truth. Like some of the best MCs of our time—Nas, Jay Z, Scarface or Ghost—’Crae simply wants to paint a picture and tell his story, even if the lens through which he views the world might differ from others.

With a number of noteworthy media appearances and chart-topping LPs, coupled with a critically acclaimed mixtape and a Grammy award under his belt, Lecrae finds himself at work trying to tear apart the box that the world helped place him in, while simultaneously paving inroads for the next atypical lyricist. Who said originality was dead?