Zane “Casso” Neal is the front man and leader of the Kloud High movement that is currently sweeping the blogosphere and underground music scene with a force. Casso, originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, started rapping as a teenager at around at 13. After quitting the football team in the sixth grade (right after Hurricane Katrina), Casso says he knew he wanted to take music seriously. Zane was so ready to begin his career as a musician; he even stole a microphone from school! Coming from humble beginnings, Casso began recording himself with his own equipment in his closet of all places. Eventually, by the time he was in the seventh grade, Casso went legit and was given a microphone as a present from his grandmother, which he still uses to this day. He counts his father as his main inspiration for making music, as well as wanting a better life for his mother and younger sister. Growing up in New Orleans exposed Casso to local success stories like The Hot Boyz. His mother nicknaming him “Hot Boy Zane” gave him the confidence he needed to keep going with his own dream of making it to the top.

Casso first noticed his popularity and skill in 2011, after he remixed a classic Trademark Da Skydiver single, thereby creating his own “Space Jam” single. “I got a good response from that record right there. Girls, my peers, people in school…everybody was feelin’ it,” he says. From there, Casso began to record his own videos and began releasing mixtapes. Zane claims he’s dropped about 15 mixtapes within a three year span, including Plan K and Follow as Klouds Elevate, but there’s definitely more up his sleeve. Fans just getting hip to Casso’s sound will notice that he frequently works with a few creative geniuses on the visual and audio fronts: producers John G. Beats and Young Zoe & videographer Quincy Scott. Quincy Scott grew up with Casso in New Orleans, and the chemistry the two artists put together on film definitely shows the bond between them. John G. and Young Zoe became Casso’s main producers after hearing him appear on Jet Life leader Curren$y’s “Role Model” single featured on the Red Eye mixtape. Currently, Casso has just released his latest project, “One Day At A Time”. He says this project was “not to be rushed” but is definitely something his fans will certainly want to hear from him.

Favorite Tracks:

  • Entrance
  • Wanna Be Famous
  • Chase
  • Keep Going
  • No Time

Bio written by: DJ Harley Quinn