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New video of the leaked single from Nawlinz rhymer @oneCasso‘s Upcoming Project #FAKE (Follow. As. Klouds. Elevate). The visuals are indeed clean, and if you know anything about the JetLife camp, you know they keep them pretty cars close by. All praise to Lens Anderson & EvanTheJet. Released on May 26th as a BitTorrent Bundle, this is what Casso had to say about the tape in his own words:

“With this project, I plan to set new boundaries,; in fact i want to get a certain point across that with this music there are no boundaries, its ART…I just want my supporters and family to receive a better understanding of KLOUD HIGH #KH as a brand. We’re building something monumental…We’re bringing something fresh to the culture but we’re being 100% honest & thats the difference.”


When I first heard the song, I got a little excited, because I’ve been listening to the older work for so long, I forgot young Cass had heat like that. John G. also put in work with the production for the track, and here’s the link again so you can cop the bundle for yourself! #KLOUDFAM.