In the video above, Kid Cudi reveals that he worked with Beck’s beer to design a label for the company’s 2013 Art Labels Project series. Every year, Beck’s selects a total of six artists to design creative labels for Beck’s beer. Beck’s will display the custom designs on 13.2 million labels of their beer bottles for the next three months.

In the latest spot, Cudi breaks down the design of his label, which incorporates all the artwork elements of his existing Man On The Moon album cover.

In the video, Kudi says, “I wanted to align myself with a brand and do something cool, and I was working on my music video  at the time and I was like, “Man, I would love to design a beer bottle. That’s cool, I drink it! That’s cool to say”.

In the video you can see Kudi showing off the label and also some behind-the-scenes footage of himself in the studio.

So check out the video above and tell us if you will be purchasing Beck’s soon because of the new artwork!