During a recent Q&A with “Muisc Connection” Cudi states exactly what he learned from Jay-Z & Kanye West 

“Kanye and Jay Z: people who stay true to their art, people who stay true to themselves, you know, do things their own way. Like Michael Jackson, you’ll never see another Jay Z and you’ll never see another Kanye, and the reason why is because they are who they are. They’re not emulating anyone. And it’s not that they told me; I was just paying attention. I think that’s why they have me around, because they know I’m watching and I’m learning.”

He also touches on what fans can expect fro upcoming album MOTM 3

“MOTM 3 will show a whole other level of maturity, and it will answer a whole lot of questions. There’s a lot of missing links between MOTM and MOTM II. I also think that they were both very ignorant albums, so I think I’ll eliminate a lot of that ignorance. will really be answering the biggest question: Have I found happiness? And it will lead people on in life, because there will not be another MOTM after MOTM 3. It will send people off feeling satisfied.”