The kid definitely is original, coming from Providence, Rhode Island. Kahry Durgans wants to inform us all that it goes down in Rhode Island believe it or not. You can be the judge for yourself and press play. 

“The project was a small experiment for me really. I linked with Opus Proper for most of the project and we really just tried to cover as many different sounds as we could and work with a few artist that we had recently linked with. Like when you listen to the project, you will hear six completely different sounds that were kinda forced to hang out together because of me and Opus. I figured that my last project, Love & Anchors, was much more of a personal project that I had to get out for my sanity… This one I didn’t really have to make. I just knew I wanted to… that I had more sounds/flows that I hadn’t even displayed that I could do yet. I’m still trying to find myself as an artist, but this small project was a giant leap in that direction. Titling this project Swim Team has also brought my friends and fans together under one umbrella, something we can all identify with.

This is far from my ‘Magnum Opus’ but when people see where I take my music over the next two years, they will look back on this project as the start. This project marks me really seeing the potential in myself and my ‘swim team’ so it’s already noteworthy to me. I’m gonna let time do it’s thing now.” ~Khary