As if it’s not enough being accused of doing crazy things to Bow Wow‘s car, Keyshia Cole is under the scope again, for a much bigger offense this time.

A fan allegedly spotted Keyshia Cole doing what appeared to be some kind of drug outside of a nightclub over the weekend.

Keyshia responded to the nasty rumors in an Instagram post, by saying that she would never attempt drugs after seeing her mother struggle with addiction for so many years. Truth be told, it would definitely be backwards for Keyshia to do drugs (or at least be caught casually doing them outside) after sharing her mother’s truth on reality TV.

Check out Keyshia‘s full statement below.


“Listen. Don’t judge ok!!! This is life!! And I’m thankful for it all!! The good the bad and the ugly!!! Failed marriage, bad choices in a few that promised me the world and said all the right things and did opposite. What can I say, it’s facts!!! I’m human! Yes I have issues that I deal with from my upbringing, y’all kno my life!!! Shit I’ve had how many reality shows… displaying the truth!!! ? I’ve never fronted on my mother, neither one! Never disowned my mother because of drugs. (She’s the reason I would NEVER even try Drugs) You all have seen me grow, I’ve created a wonderful life for my child. #ThisGirlFromOakland #Cali so yes it pisses me off when someone says She’s just like her mother!!!!!! You kno why? Because no I’m not perfect but God made a way and I took it!!!! I put that work in!!! #Don’t #Take #That #Away #From #ME I love all my fans and people who have seen me since the age of #21 I’ll be #35 this year!!!! A lot of changes are happening in my life right now!! #I respect you all!! No judgement passed!! All ????? thankful for all my real friends!?”