Ever wonder how Black Hippy constantly delivers and satisfies a large variety of audiences? Well Kendrick Lamar, the rap genius gives us some insight on how their movement delivers consistency and diversity by acknowledging them all as individuals within a movement resulting in empowering their crew. Kendrick stated:

“It’s a lifestyle they’re bringing to the table as far as music. Just living in the everyday world. So when we say Black Hippy, you know it’s not just music. It’s actually a group of individuals saying fuck the regular, and doing what they want to do in the world, and making a way for themselves without being caught up in the politics. Being themselves, and looking in the mirror, and identifying themselves. People can understand that, they can relate to that, and they can understand that as well.”

He goes into further explaining how their group remains strong, by starting out as business first, where they throw all of their creative, individual aspects on the table and accept each others diversity and innovative space.

“We feel when a group come together, from the jump, it’s always a stigma where they eventually break up. And that’s because later down the line, everybody have they own creative differences. So what we did was start off with our own creative space, and let each person know what it is, know what we workin’ with, and be familiar with it and bring it together. And what that do is allow each other to know our different abilities. What we capable of and what we like to do, and how we can comprimise with that, rather than say, ‘Fuck that, I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to be on this verse…’ And that’s what happens. That’s why you don’t see this motherfuckers today. They done fall out as friends, fall out as artists, together. We just do it the other way around, and it’s working. Because everyone can identify with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and [Schoolboy q]. And then, when it come together, it’s Black Hippy, they know it’s bigger than that”

Well I’ll say their master plan is definitely working because TDEats!

– Adriela Batista