He may not be known as “His Royal Airness” like someone else we know, but he does levitate.

Kobe Bryant will be playing his final NBA game this week, capping off his 20 year career on Wednesday night (4/13). To commemorate his legacy, ESPN has tapped Kendrick Lamar to present a very special poetic reflection of Kobe‘s stellar professional career.

April is also National Poetry Month, and it should be noted that Lamar is voicing a piece about Bryant written by ESPN’s Scoop Jackson playing over Lamar’s own ‘Untitled 07’ track. Even still, we can’t help but notice the fervor, excitement, and life that Kendrick brings to the poem. Having just inducted N.W.A. into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Kendrick Lamar has lately been given a slew of honors in West Coast history-making events.

Watch “Fade to Black” below.