Kendrick Lamar blew audiences away when he dropped a new song as the final musical guest in the history of The Colbert Report. The song, which still remains untitled, is taking new routes in music and further pushing Kendrick away from his unwanted “rapper” title, and closer to his self-inflicted title of a “writer.”

With Kendrick being touted as “one of the best rappers in the world” by host Stephen Colbert, the song was debuted with a band that consisted of Bilal, Anna Wise of Sonnymoon, Terrace Martin on sax and Thundercat, who is a protege of producer Flying Lotus. The untitled track is definitely jazzy and soulful, and I can see it becoming a big hit in my skating rink, if not on the radio in a few months.

The song is profound in its message, with lyrics that speak life into these racially-tense times we find ourselves in today. For Kendrick to debut a powerful song like this as the final musical guest of The Colbert Report, is almost akin to Kanye‘s televised sentiments on George W. Bush back in 2005. This kind of wake-up call on a national platform that shocks mainstream America is exactly what music (and this country) needs; no one having to ask permission to speak the truth, just being brave enough to go out and speak it.

Watch the video for yourself below.