Kayy Drizz, formerly known as “The Club Princess” releases her 4th Mixtape titled “Royalty” consisting of Jersey Club Music, Trap, Juke, Twerk & Hip Hop featuring some of her fellow Jersey Fam.

#THREAD’s very own, Kayy Drizz released her 4th mixtape “Royalty” consisting of Jersey Club, Juke, Twerk, Hip Hop & Trap – featuring a few fellow Jersey producers, Dj Tricks, Fiinesse, Dj Problem, Dj K-Duecez, Albyy, Dj Tray, and introducing Pizarro, an upcoming Jersey Producer. Kayy Drizz is formerly known as “The Club Princess” put together this project to show the world¬†that women can produce, mix and master & Dj as well. Salute.


1. Intro
2. Moment For Life – Kayy Drizz Remix
3. Royals – Kayy Drizz Remix
4. Love More – Kayy Drizz Remix
5. Honest – Dj Problem & Kayy Drizz Remix
6. Clappers – Kayy Drizz Remix
7. Pound Cake – Kayy Drizz & Dj Tray Remix
8. Nana – Kayy Drizz & Pizarro Remix
9. The Monster – Kayy Drizz & Dj Tricks Remix
10. Freak Me Baby – Dj K-Duecez & Kayy Drizz Remix
11. Umph In It – Kayy Drizz Remix
12. Gas Pedal – Kayy Drizz Remix
13. Drunk In Love (The Weeknd) – Albyy & Kayy Drizz Remix
14. We Made It – Kayy Drizz & Fiinesse Remix
15. Fashion Killa – Kayy Drizz Remix
16. F*ck You All The Time – Kayy Drizz Remix
17. Too Much – Kayy Drizz Remix
18. Twurk – Produced By Kayy Drizz
19. Gitty Up – Produced By Kayy Drizz
20. Resurrection – Produced By Kayy Drizz
21. Work – Produced By Kayy Drizz
22. Outro