Kayy Drizz, formerly known as “The Club Princess” releases her 4th Mixtape titled “Royalty” consisting of Jersey Club Music, Trap, Juke, Twerk & Hip Hop featuring some of her fellow Jersey Fam.

#THREAD’s very own, Kayy Drizz released her 4th mixtape “Royalty” consisting of Jersey Club, Juke, Twerk, Hip Hop & Trap – featuring a few fellow Jersey producers, Dj Tricks, Fiinesse, Dj Problem, Dj K-Duecez, Albyy, Dj Tray, and introducing Pizarro, an upcoming Jersey Producer. Kayy Drizz is formerly known as “The Club Princess” put together this project to show the world that women can produce, mix and master & Dj as well. Salute.


1. Intro
2. Moment For Life – Kayy Drizz Remix
3. Royals – Kayy Drizz Remix
4. Love More – Kayy Drizz Remix
5. Honest – Dj Problem & Kayy Drizz Remix
6. Clappers – Kayy Drizz Remix
7. Pound Cake – Kayy Drizz & Dj Tray Remix
8. Nana – Kayy Drizz & Pizarro Remix
9. The Monster – Kayy Drizz & Dj Tricks Remix
10. Freak Me Baby – Dj K-Duecez & Kayy Drizz Remix
11. Umph In It – Kayy Drizz Remix
12. Gas Pedal – Kayy Drizz Remix
13. Drunk In Love (The Weeknd) – Albyy & Kayy Drizz Remix
14. We Made It – Kayy Drizz & Fiinesse Remix
15. Fashion Killa – Kayy Drizz Remix
16. F*ck You All The Time – Kayy Drizz Remix
17. Too Much – Kayy Drizz Remix
18. Twurk – Produced By Kayy Drizz
19. Gitty Up – Produced By Kayy Drizz
20. Resurrection – Produced By Kayy Drizz
21. Work – Produced By Kayy Drizz
22. Outro