After giving fans a sneak peek of his new single “Fade” from his upcoming album during NYFW, Kanye West may be ready to release more new music — this time for President Obama. Yes, the “All Day” rapper is set to perform in front of the most powerful man in the world, who also called him a jackass that one time.

According to NBC, Yeezy is “expected to perform songs from his latest album, Swish” at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser event in San Francisco on October 10. However, at this time it isn’t totally clear if we’ll be hearing new new songs from the album, or just the two singles he’s already released this year. We’re actually hoping he just performs “New Slaves.” Can you imagine?

Speaking of surprises (and Kanye is full of them), wife Kim Kardashian has revealed that she was the last to know of her husband’s White House dreams. Well, as it turns out, that’s how Kim Kardashian will remember the moment she found out, too. When Ellen DeGeneres asked the expectant mother whether she was aware of Ye‘s announcement “plan,” she replied, “I did not. That was news to me.”


She elaborated, noting that his hope to eventually move the family to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., was “never a discussion in our household.”

“I don’t know if that announcement was planned or if he came up with that idea right then and there,” she admitted, adding that though his announcement may have been spontaneous, he’s definitely “serious” now.

Welp. Do you think the country is ready to have Kanye West as president, let alone have Kim K. as our first lady? For all we know, those curves just might bring world peace!