Kanye West is NOT happy with Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel made a parody of Kanye’s recent interview with BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe called “Kimmel Kid (re)Kreation” with a child actor.

Kanye of course didn’t find it funny and lashed out at Kimmel via Twitter with a series of angry tweets.


He also posted this photo of Kimmel with the caption, “No Good P*$$y.”


Watch the parody above, and see Part 1 of the REAL interview here.

UPDATE: Kimmel has responded to Kanye on Twitter. He also says he’ll tell the full story on his show tonight.



Now we all know I love Yeezy, but he really needs to get his emotions in check. He’s making us Geminis look crazy….er! If he and Jigga Man are such good friends, then he needs to watch and learn from Big Bro. You see Jay in public with nothing but his poker-face on, no matter what negative issue is surrounding him. If Kanye wants people who only see him as a rapper to take him seriously outside of music, he needs to rethink his strategy. He’s not even being known for his art anymore. Does he have a PR team??? Just like fellow Gemini Azealia Banks, he’s becoming known more for his Twitter fights and public outbursts more than the music, and as a fan of them both, I have a serious problem with that. Gotta learn how to let things just roll off your back, Ye. The media KNOWS you’re a hot head, and they will make it their business (because it IS their business) to poke the tiger in his cage until he bites.


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