Kanye, in moments like these, shows his human blood. I like this ‘Ye.

At a recent Adidas Conference the rap star turned designer lets his feelings go! Showing extreme passion for his ability to create since his days as an adolescent. Witnessing this side of the hard shelled mogul meant a lot to me. ‘Ye expresses dreams that’ve come true and shows a hell of a lot of character.

Way to go Kanye, this is what we like to see!

“Always wanted to have a family, have children, get married. That dream is about to be accomplished.”

“..Getting kicked out of class in 4th grade for sketching . To get to the point to be able to make your own shoe, and have people react to it, was such an amazing  feeling that, I can never let that go.”

“When I create and, when we create its not based off of the you know, the word you hear all the time or idea of celebrity advertising.”

“Creativity is my oxygen. I have to create.”

“It’s nothing I love more than to sit there and put the fabrics together and think about the way, people will react to the creations in real life. The way they can use these prada shoes, coats, jackets in real life.”

Mr. West brought the sneakerheads life in announcing shoe updates. So prepare your eyes for this Summer’s month of June to meet the New Yeezys!!!!!

“So in June, We’ll see the new Yeezy’s”