Record deals don’t just come around everyday, and most people would jump at the chance to be signed to Jay Z, one of the most powerful moguls in the world, and join the ranks of Rihanna, Kevin Durant, J. Cole, and more. Joey Bada$$ doesn’t care about any of that.

During an interview at Shade 45 on The Whoolywood Shuffle, Joey Bada$$ detailed his thought process while sitting at the round-table for a signing meeting with Jay Z. According to Joey, he turned down a contract with Roc Nation to follow in the footsteps of the CEO himself.

“That moment made me know that I could do anything. I even read Jay Z’s Decoded book and there’s this one chapter in there when he went to go meet with Russell Simmons to sign with Def Jam, he said his only thought was sitting across the table from Russell Simmons was, ‘D*mn, I don’t wanna sign to this n*gga. I wanna be this n*gga.’…I kinda had that same perspective.”

Watch the interview below.