Music lives in the heart of a man by the name of Jimm. It all started in 1996 when Jimm picked up a pen and composed his first song. Since then, he has written many songs for other local artists. He is becoming a force to reckon with, and infuriate the world of underground hip hop. Coming from a low income family, Jimm plans a journey that will lead him to the road to success. Jimm was determined to build his own recording studio and to start his own independent record label UnderWritersBlock (UWBR). This all came true in 2006.

Jimm is known for influencing his peers into being involved with music, teaching them that music is way of life. Jimm went from rapping on street corners and rap battles in high school to recording in professional studios. Between the years of 2004 to present he has written thousands of songs. Jimm has 2 official studio mixtures, “D.R.U.G Users And Abusers” available now on and “Most Hated, Most Underrated ” available on Currently chasing a buzz through out the DMV, Jimm searches for a way for people to hear his music, feel where he’s coming from, and share his passion. Jimm has recently completed his debut album entitled “The Art of Moving On” which is schedule to released 3rd quarter of 2013. Until then UWBR will release two studio mixtures from Jimm which he refers to them as “brother tapes.” “The Castor Troy Tapes” & “The Pollux Confessions” will be release in 2013 TBD.

Check out Jimm Mofestos on ReverbNation and hear his very raw track “Hate in My Heart” below. “Hate in My Heart” uses the beat from  LiL B ‘s “Hate in my Hart” produced by Key Board Kid.

 Check out Jimm’s Soundcloud.