Jermaine Dupri sat down with BIGVON to discuss many topics including making new music, what happened to R&B, says artists today are ignoring the fact that they have kids, comparing EDM DJ’s to Rap DJ’s, and what song of his he feels like should have been bigger than it was.

Jermaine Dupri w/ Jay-Z – Money Aint a Thing from David Claessen on Vimeo.

On “Money Ain’t A Thing”:

“It was huge culturally, but it wasn’t a number one record. I have a long streak of number one records and ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ doesn’t go on that list. I say that because I didn’t push a lot of things that I should’ve pushed on people at that time, I could’ve pushed that people were being idiots by not reacting to who Jay-Z was.. but I didn’t know Jay-Z was gonna end up being the Jay-Z that he is. When I made that song I loved Jay-Z at that particular point what we was saying and how he sounded and his flow, me and him had so much in common so that’s why I did the song. But as far as like, where he would turn out to be and how the culture would look at him as a person, that song was way before it’s time and.. Think if I had ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ right now? That song would probably be the biggest song in the world, probably for the next 10 years.”