We have all been hearing about Jennifer Lopez’s headlining track, ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ as it’s gone viral, but tonight Jennifer gave the performance of a lifetime on American Idol’s stage. The beauty’s onstage attire matched her video wardrobe to the “T”.

The “American Idol”  host had a stage design that portrayed her roots. You could tell it was straight up “Bronx”. Graffiti and neon street style covered the stage while the singer revealed her amazing body, wrapping those long beautiful legs around her bedazzled microphone stand. That hour glass shape has gone absolutely nowhere! The long-time celebrity really showed us that she is NOT yesterday’s news.

Her vocals were on point & her stage presence was everything. Then, to keep the momentum going, out comes French Montana to spit his featured rhymes. All in all, the performance is a must-see! I’m almost positive non-American Idol watchers are dreading their decision to have missed that show. You go Jenny from the block!

 Watch The Official ‘Luh Ya Papi’ Video Now