Continuing his promotion of his new album, Church in These Streets, Young Jeezy stayed around his hometown this past week to speak at an A3C Festival Conference with BET social critic, Marc Lamont Hill.

During the conference, Jeezy spoke on the concept behind his’s new single, “GOD,” the Ferguson riots, police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement that has been taking the country by force for months. In discussing the album that comes out on the 10th anniversary of his entry into the business Jeezy said, “In a world where everyone is bringing us down as a culture, I want to uplift us because Gods don’t kill Gods, we just speak highly of each other.”


Jeezy also went onto describe himself as the “father of trap music,” and we just couldn’t let that slide.

In reference to drugs, and drug culture, there have been a multitude of songs from a plethora of genres about both the use and trafficking of substances since the dawn of time. Cab Calloway made “Reefer Man” in 1932. Curtis Mayfield gave us “Pusher Man” in 1972. Sorry Jeezy, but you gotta pay it forward.

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