LA gets to join Philly in all the annual MIA fun. Thank you Mayor Eric Garcetti!

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With Made in America in it’s third year, this is the first American Music Festival to be held on both coast, at once! During the press conference we’ve learned that the festival held on the west coast will happen at Grand Park on Labor Day weekend, August 30th & 31st. However, both will benefit the United Way of the regions of both cities.

Thank you a ton Mayor. We forever love you for this. This, is huge!

Garcetti speaks

  “Los Angeles is the perfect west-coast home for Made in America,”

Jay Z also talks about..

“putting together a music festival that blurred those lines of genres, that all walks of life and all people can come to.”

We hear that the festival is a way to revitalize Downtown, La. But, everyone isn’t on board, literally. Board member of the Los Angeles City Council, Jose’ Huizar, has concerns about traffic, street closures, security, and, lack of community outreach. Sources are saying Huizar has threatened to withhold permits for Made in America until he has views reports on any permits, actions, public safety concerns and necessary cost implications.

Ah, just give us our festival. The right way.


We have no headlining details just yet but if it’s anything like last year, Deadmau5 and Phoenix, Nine inch Nails and Beyoncé will headline. Tickets have gone up since 2012, when Jay kicked off the festival. Sources report, an entire 50%. And, with no word on ticket sales in Cali, Philly festival goers have been able to purchase tickets since Monday!

See you all there!