Are you the type of stylist that likes to throw things together without giving the concept much thought, and the outfit seems to work out just perfectly? Pairing a fuchsia pink suede bag with snake skin pointed pink/brown/multi flats seems like it wouldn’t at first sound good, but once put together, the two add just the right amount of “umph” to a casual outfit. Too know exactly how to make two things that matter the most in an outfit stand out and match just perfectly to the T, Nordstrom (@nordstrom) definitely has the right style guide for you. Introducing their “Dare to Pair” trending guide in styling a handbag with the perfect flats/heels/boots for any occasion allowing six trends to chose from; “Bright On”, “Tough Love”, “Grey Area”, “Cute Commute”, “Texture Twist”, and “City Sleek”. Each trend features its own way of how to style/pair different textures, colors, and patterns for any occasion. Check out their website for styling tips and selections to chose from with this unique styling guide to help prepare you for the fashion scene in the Fall.