Here at DTS we get tons of submissions per month, and to help us run a better site & provide a better service to artists, we thought we’d help you figure out just how to submit your music to us!  We make it our livelihood to post the latest in indie music, industry news, DJ interviews, and street fashion.

We’re always being asked if we’re just a hip-hop blog, and the answer is no. We appreciate all music, plain and simple. DTS is always looking to connect with new labels, boutiques, clothing brands, artists, DJs, producers, filmmakers, and young creators of the underground. First things first, the DTS website is currently run by 4 key players; DJ Damage, CherrellyRell, Harley Quinn, and JoaquinBRKN.

Submit by Email to the Lead Contributors

Overall Site Email: DTSMixtapes@gmail.com

CherrellyRell (the nice one) Direct Email:  DTSMedia.CherrellyRell@gmail.com

Harley Quinn (not so nice) Direct Email: ArkhamAngel.DTSMedia@gmail.com

JoaquinBRKN (Fashion guy) Direct Email: JMoncada@brokenroyalty.com

*CherrellyRell & Harley Quinn’s emails are backwards, you’re not going crazy.

What to Include In Your Email

  • 2-3 HQ/HD photos (this step is NOT negotiable! We do not post unless you send photos (including cover/album art)! We ask for high resolutions to give you, us, and our readers the best quality possible)
  • Contact Info: Twitter (preferred), Instagram, website, YouTube channel, etc. (As many of you are indie/underground/have no online presence whatsoever, no contact info makes Google-ing you incredibly difficult, and if no one can search you, how can we promo your music?)
  • Artist Bio for First-Time Submissions to the Site
  • A Greeting! (It makes you look more personable when you make an effort to show some kind of appreciation to the blog that you’re submitting to. How did you find us? Do you even really like our site, or are you just looking for free promo?)
  • Management Contact Info. (We like to meet up, interview, and support our favorite artists that we work with. As a collective, we are located everywhere from Los Angeles, to Philadelphia and New Jersey. If we can come to your concert, video shoot, or listening party, who better to let us know than the person who keeps tabs on the artist.)
  • Your content. Videos, MP3s, photos, etc. (We try to select only the highest & best quality work to feature on our website. Not sure if something meets our standards? Just ask!) Please do not send more than one copy of your email!

Fill Out the Submission Form on Front Page

You’ll notice the submission link at the top of our home page, right underneath the search bar. If you can read (and we assume you can because you’ve made it this far) this should be easy for you!

That’s pretty much it! We were also featured on the late Praverb‘s (R.I.P.) website, as one of the few music blogs that “are operated by people that will listen to your music and offer feedback based on your submission (given the site of course).” You can read that article here. Until next time, download our latest site mixtape, Damaging The Streets Vol. 3

Wiz Khalifa Photo Cred: DTS Media