sydneymakeupartistelle2 UNIQLO, Nike, VISA, Shopbop, Louis Vuitton, Clinique, Huawei, only a few of the brands that have been touched by Margaret Zhang, a fashion blogger, editor, model, and writer. Her website is one of the best out there. She tackles everything from patterned personal design to beauty and skin care. And not to mention she does it all while in law school. Talk about time management.. When asked she says “Consider all the time you spend procrastinating on Facebook, on the couch, on your phone, in a day, and reallocate that to something productive…” And I have to agree. Those who want must strive to achieve. Working from dawn to dusk, with maybe four hours sleep is what is acquired in today’s time. But in the end it proves to be worth it. Margaret Zhang is not only driven she rarely lets anything stop her from doing what she dreams of. Ms. Zhang is already on her way to the top in the fashion world and she’ll take the justice system by storm as well.  She recently completed her first shoot and design for the cover of Gritty Pretty Magazine, which covered model Jessica Hart and was styled and shot by Margaret herself. Feel free to see some of the styles of Ms. Zhang in the gallery below.

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