Alfa Romeo X Micah Gianneli   This week my fashigram (Fashion based Instagram) heart was captured by Micah Gianneli. A lifestyle and fashion blogger who first began as a freelance fashion stylist, and later began her own fashion blog in 2011. I’m not sure what it was that captured my attention. Was it the girly, high fashion editorial styles, or the lite-androgyne portraits? Maybe it was my simple love of fashion and the confidence she exhumes in her photos. Over the years she has been head stylist at Topshop and fashion ambassador to the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, where she was featured in that years fashion campaign. In late 2013, in collaboration with Mossman Clothing an Australian based boutique shop, Micah Gianneli launched her own collection. Fashion and style enthusiast, slaying the game and always on point, Micah Gianneli has earned the title of Favorite Instagram of the week. 

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