“Gangbang, boomerang!”

Just one week after Iggy Azalea rightfully took a much-needed break from social media, SNL came for that a$$ (literally). Kate McKinnon plays the “little Aussie” talk show host on “The Iggy Azalea Show,” where she talks about the fun of rap, accompanied by her manager/DJ, T.I., played by Jay Pharaoh. SNL poked fun at Iggy‘s super questionable accent-switching, as well as one of her many internet feuds with Harlem rapper Azealia Banks. Iggy then brings out her cousin/rap mentor played by Chris Hemsworth, who is obviously inspired by RiFF RAFF, to help us lyrically-challenged folks figure out the formula to creating a hot 16.

This is probably the only time we wish Iggy Azalea would come back to social media, so that we can know what she thinks about the parody. In the skit, Azealia Banks (Sasheer Zamata) is uninterested in squashing the beef between her and Iggy, and it seems like the real AB concurs. The real Azealia Banks took a break from her Twitter-free Lent observation to tweet that everything from the outfit choices, to the impressions were “spot on”. We still think they should have made jokes about T.I. and AB‘s beef respectively, but we can hope for a round 2 next week.

Watch “The Iggy Azalea Show” below.