His public alias is “Harper GQ”. His titles are self-taught clothing designer and graphic artist. Throughout his career experience starting in 2007 of learning the t-shirt printing craft has build him a strong rapport with the public via his brainchild company “Presdigous Clothing”. I am extremely excited for this king here who is a close friend of mine, very knowledgeable, innovative, and most of all passionate about these particular crafts(Clothing design, Graphic design/branding). Harp’s work is very specific in detail to produce exactly what is needed in today’s clothing industry.

Having orchestrated such tactics and marketing schemes allowed Harp to present his clothing line to the following public figures Lupe Fiasco, Meek Mill, Jahlil Beats, Nikkie Jean, Elayna Lopez, Trey Songz, and many more. When you see the name “Presdigous Clothing” know that it means “constant progression”, and you yourself are a work in progress striving for greatness. 

Instagram & Twitter @HarperGQ @Cherrellyrell 

Email: HarperGQ@gmail.com OR DTSMedia.Cherrellyrell@gmail.com

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