About a week ago, while Meek Mill and 50 Cent were having their endless e-fight, Meek turned the spotlight from him when he urged 50 Cent and the rest of the entertainment industry to donate supplies and water to victims of the Flint, Michigan water crisis. It seems as though Meek‘s call to action has sparked a massive movement across all platforms, as celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Cher, and even Madonna have sent their efforts to the small town.

Big Sean has also started a new campaign, #HealFlintKids, which has already raised $10,00 in funds.

One of the first celebrities to respond to that call was Sean “Diddy Combs, who had pledged to host a water drive for the community using his AQUAHydrate water company, with co-investor, Mark Wahlberg. According to Diddy, the company plans to deliver water until the crisis has been relieved, with the initial donation of 5,000 cases expected to arrive in Flint by Wednesday (1/27).

“The AQUAhydrate team is doing everything it can to help with this issue. Mark and I made an initial pledge to donate and are committed to the continued aid to Flint residents as long as they need it. We hope this commitment will inspire others to get involved as well.”

In addition to recruiting Wiz Khalifa and Michigan native Eminem for more help, AQUAHydrate is also working closely with State and county emergency organizations to inject their water & medical stations at various points around the community of Flint. Both Combs and Wahlberg have been in close contact with local community leaders, Michigan State Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Genesee County Emergency Management, and the Red Cross.

It’s awesome that everyone who is able to help is doing something to make a difference, but not everyone thinks enough is being done. The Game wrote another novel on Instagram this week, where he chastised fellow celebrities for being attention seekers in light of the water crisis, and not donating what he thinks is a worthy amount to the people of Flint.


While judging the integrity of others, Game saw fit to display his bank account online, and that he was donating $500,000 and 1 million bottles of water to the town. “Stop using tragedies for celebrity gain,” he writes. In his post, Game even belittles Jimmy Fallon & Madonna‘s respective pledges of $10,000 as “cute,” suggesting that he can do better.

We’re not sure if Game wants an award or a cookie, but charity isn’t a competition, and we’re sure that every little bit helps since the residents of Flint hadn’t seen ANY kind of help since 2014. Instagram user, 100Rays left a comment of Game‘s post saying “Where were you before? Only donating because everyone else is.” Simply put, not many people outside of that town knew about the water tragedy until it was recently boosted on national news and social media.

Even still, it does seem a little bandwagon-y for Game and some other celebrities to be going so hard for this specific issue, and not countless other tragedies and town emergencies that have been more visible than this one in recent times. We’re just saying.