Chris Brown Reveals Major insecurity

When Chris Brown was released from his jail stint at the start of the summer, a lot of his fans were stunned that the singer had gained so much weight while incarcerated. Some said the added weight was a good look, considering he had been looking thin and frail for a long time. Others, who weren’t so fond of the weight gain, mocked Chris and media was relentless with the jabs. Articles titled “These Rolls Ain’t Loyal” and “Just How Much ‘Birthday Cake’ Did Chris Brown Have?!” were the main headlines of the hour when Chris Brown‘s music wasn’t being discussed. Okay, I actually just made those up, but seriously, the memes and jokes all over social media concerning Chris‘s weight had ZERO chill! In a new interview with “Extra,” Breezy talks about feeling self conscious about his size when he came home. Surprisingly, the usually confident Chris says he was even scared about leaving the house and being seen by fans and paparazzi.


In the video, Chris Brown talks about his insecurity over the 30+ pounds he gained while in the pen. In his defense, it’s punishable to refuse to eat while in jail, so to save himself more trouble over something as small as three square meals a day, I’m sure Chris wasn’t about to let himself starve. Plus after being away from the celebrity lifestyle for a couple months, his body was probably thankful for the recuperation.

Chris has been trying to lead a relatively healthier lifestyle, working on everything from his physical and mental health, to controlling his temper. When he noticed his old clothes weren’t fitting after coming home from jail, he knew he had to make a change. “My normal weight is like 180, I was 215 when I got out of jail… I couldn’t fit in my jeans, fit in my clothes. I was scared to go out, I was like man, people will see me and I look fat so after a while I went and played a lot of basketball, a lot of cardio, we did the “New Flame” video, BET awards, a couple of other shows, I was always dancing, always dancing, trying to get my body back.”