Last week, I had the opportunity to interview a local star to the Philadelphia/New Jersey area, Mah-Jing Wong, an indie designer who appeared on Season 15 of Lifetime’s Project Runway.

Mah-Jing Wong has since then propelled his brand forward and been a featured designer showcasing his newest line of designs for Philly Fashion Week.

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DTS MEDIA: Hi, first I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation for this interview, and now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to ask a bit about your background first. For our readers who may not have heard of you, would you mind telling us a bit about Mah-Jing Wong and who he is?
Mah-Jing Wong (MJW): I’m 29 years old from the West section of Philadelphia. I’m a husband, father, and full-time Fashion Designer.

DTS MEDIA: Did you always have a love of fashion? How did you discover this passion?
MJW: I was 11 years old when I discovered my love for creating clothing. My grandmother taught me how to hand sew and create patterns from the weekly newspaper. Fast forward a few months, [and] I had a small business in Catholic school hand-sewing things for girls in school. After that, I knew that wanted to make ladies feel good.

DTS MEDIA: Once you decided that fashion was the career of your choice, did you immediately know that owning your own Fashion House was what you wanted? What other jobs in fashion did you consider?
MJW: Well, no I didn’t plan on starting my own business. After interning for Zac Posen, I wanted to work for a fashion house and then venture off and start my own, but The Lord had bigger plans for me.

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DTS MEDIA: Things often take a turn in a different direction, and things rarely go as planned. Were you ever discouraged, and if so, what made you keep going?
MJW: Oh, yes. After my grandmother passed, my passion changed a lot. But then Project Runway happened, and my love for it came back. I think before the show I was unhappy. Even with the success, I was achieving as an indie designer.

DTS MEDIA: I’m so sorry for your loss. I know first hand how that can alter one’s will. Who, if anyone, in the fashion world do you look up to, or inspired you to keep moving forward?
MJW: I don’t have anyone really that I can point out. However, I am inspired by people who overcome and excel.

DTS MEDIA: And where do you see your brand five years from now?
MJW: I want to expand my business with a hungry team that wants to break stereotypes like myself. I want to open doors and provide for young people of color. I would also like to have a few more TV projects complete and to see MJW’s public reputation expand.

DTS MEDIA: Well, those are all the questions we have for now. Before we go, we would like to do a quick rapid fire round.


Favorite musician: Solange at the moment (it changes a lot lol)

Favorite color: Different shades of blue

Favorite food: Indian

Favorite Television show: Project Runway (of course lol)