With social media literally being at the tip of your fingers, dating via social media apps have become increasingly popular, breathing new life into finding a significant other or just a quick fling. According to Match.com, as the amount of people who use online dating has increased exponentially, the dating pool has gotten much more diverse and high-quality, meaning there is much more chance of singles meeting someone compatible.

These days, there’s pretty much a dating app for every walk of life — Christian, Jewish, dog-lovers, nudists, and just about everything else under the sun. But what about us marginalized folks who like to slip a little “inspiration” into the day’s routine? If there are wine enthusiasts, and comic book couples out there, who’s to say that there aren’t potheads just looking for that special spark with someone else? A lot of self-proclaimed stoners are apprehensive about talking about their controversial interest when meeting someone new, simply because we don’t want them to think we’re lazy, unclean people who are incoherent half the time.

Meet “High There!” the new dating app that’s becoming known as the “Tinder for stoners.” I first heard about this app creeping through Facebook comments at 12 a.m., and I just had to download it myself and check it out. There’s a bunch of questions I had going into this, like “How do I know these people even have weed?” or “Will I be bombarded by drug dealer texts?” Probably the best thing about this app, is that everyone has come for the same reason — to share their love of Mary Jane so it’s a totally judgement-free zone.

Check out all the deets of High There! below.


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Above are my screenshots from when I first created my HT account. I’m not a Tinder user, but from what I understand, you swipe left or right according to whether you’re attracted to that person or not, and a message is unlocked if the two should be a match. Same concept applies here. There’s also an option to switch which genders pop into your feed.

The app attempts to match you with people based on your preferred method of getting high, and on your similar (stoned) interests: music, culture, food, movies/TV, outdoors, and gaming. However, I personally think you should also be matched by what grade and type of weed you smoke, because well…reggie smokers are just weird.

Unlike Tinder, you do NOT have to connect to Facebook!

Surprisingly, most of the people say on their profiles that they are not into other substances, hard drugs, or even alcohol for the most part, making this a perfect app for someone who would rather roll up than pour up.

The app DEFINITELY needs an age filter! While there’s a distance filter, there’s a lot of older men that have come up on my feed, but I’m personally not trying to toke with anyone’s grandparents unless it’s Cheech & Chong. That being said, there is everyone from dapper businessmen to shabby pizza delivery guys on High There! If you can find a rich banker who smokes, please introduce me to his friends.

Lastly, the most important thing I noticed about the app, is that there are a myriad of profiles with no picture who say they’re just “looking for a plug,” or “looking for a connect.” These are quite obviously the cops and you should stay away from them.

I think High There! is an innovative new app for the ever-growing community of cannabis users, although there are a few kinks to work out. If you’d like to shop for HT merchandise, their online shop carries shirts and even rolling trays! Download here.