G€€CHI   V I G I | A N T € $

The question is “Are You GEECHI?”… 

The brand is a culmination of “G€€CHI”, which derives from the Gullah people who are the last surviving descendants of enslaved Africans providing cultural sentiment. In conjunction with growing up under the profound influence of the 90s “V I G I | A N T € $”. A Vigilante being one that fights against injustice by using their own practices. Recognize Geechi Vigilantes as the face that advocates individuality, and encourage people to have knowledge in their own historical backgrounds. Be sure to follow “Geechi Vigilantes” clothing line on Instagram & Twitter @Geechi_Vigilantes

Website: http://geechivigilantes.bigcartel.com/

Image of V I G I | A N T € $     V I X € N $   TLC TRIBUTE