The World needs many more Game style fathers. His love for his children shows & will not perish.

The Game And Daughter Cali Daddys Little Girl: Rapper The Game Posts Picture Of Him Kissing Daughter Cali LOVE Does Exist

With Games ex- fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, mother of his youngest son Justice and only daughter Cali, filing a restraining order means the gangster rapper will have to stay within 100 feet of his babies. And with Justice’s birthday approaching this is overwhelming daddy, big time!


The entire world knows just how much ‘All That’ recording artist loves his children and has been, what looks like one of the rap games best father figures throughout his fatherhood. I mean, how COULD a woman deny her children of that, right?

We are all aware of the bittersweet relationship the couple has had since they’ve been on air starring in a VH1 reality show ‘Marrying The Game’ but this year, the drama has reached an all time high.

With Tiff filing a police report for domestic violence resulting in her nose being broken while in a scuffle with Game. Doesn’t SEEM to be true according to the rapper but however, it is causing ripple effects between him, the children and, the siblings.

Yesterday via Instagram The Handsome A– Ni–a had an emotional breakdown.


Doing the best I can not to break.. But it’s funny how someone you’ve done so much for can be so ugly & cruel as to keep my children away from me vindictively because I’ve decided to move on with my life. I love all 3 of my kids more than life itself & it’s one thing to keep me away from them.. & them away from me but @harlemcarontaylor hasn’t seen his younger brother or sister in a month & just texted me

“Dad, how come Justice can’t come to my house”  and, I have to lie to him because he’s to young to understand the real reason why.

I know they ask about me, I know they love me & I know they miss me as much as I miss them but were not allowed to see each other & for what ??? As if I haven’t been there for them everyday since the day they were born…. They are the only reason I care about breathing another day on earth… They are the sole reason I have become a better person… They are the reason I give back, the reason I help people & the reason I wake up everyday with a smile on my face. Most importantly… They are MY CHILDREN & we deserve to be in each other’s lives forever.

What kind of person would get in the middle of someone’s devoted fatherhood when there are countless women out here that are raising their children on there own with no one to help. You would think a father that loves his children the way I do would be the least bit appreciated & not have to beg someone to see his own children. I have worked so hard at being a good parent only to have it taken away by someone who cares not about me, nor the welfare of our children but only about themselves.

All of this just so you can keep me away from Justice on his birthday. What lie y’all gone tell em’ when his Daddy ain’t there ? Like I have been the past 6 birthdays ? The past 6 Christmas’s ? The past 6 years of a sons life whom got his name from a father that patiently awaited his arrival here into this world ??? & Cali….. I’m not gone even start.. I will end this by saying…. Daddy loves you…. Misses you… & will always be here no matter what happens !!!! I am a REAL FATHER.

Situations like such are very sticky, however I agree with not making the children suffer. – Spyn.