G-Eazy sat down with Big Von, Special, and some fans this week and dished on some fun facts about his life and career. Stopping by the Big Von show on San Francisco‘s 106 KMEL station for a game of “Special Education,” G-Eazy opened up about the time he was booed off stage while opening up for A$AP Rocky a few years ago.

Pausing for a quick side story during the game, G-Eazy recounted how different his two performances were as the opening act for two A$AP Rocky shows. According to G-Eazy, this was around the time when Rocky was still a new entity in the music world, and Eazy himself was still pretty much unknown by anyone. “[A$AP Rocky] asked me to open up his first New York show, and I was like ‘cool’.” He continues, “So I walk out there looking like I look, hair slicked back, ya know? And [the crowd] was like ‘who the f**k is this?!’ [laughs]” Luckily, by the middle of that first performance, G-Eazy had won over the “tough” A$AP crowd and had a great show.

However, his next performance on his own coast in San Jose, CA didn’t go over too well. “I get there, and there’s no sound check…no volumes, my mic was [too] loud. The whole s**t was a catastrophe.” Even though he claims he got no love from his home state, G-Eazy went along with his performance and was met with boos and jeers from the crowd. He even retorted “Man, f**k yall!” giving a perfect response to the haters.

Watch G-Eazy tell his stories during “Special Education” below!