Although me delivering this article  is long over due, I’m excited to say that I had the pleasure to meet one of the most driven, yet humble underground artist by the name of “Fuge” during his mixtape release party back January. The release party was pretty dope as well, and there was a $150 cash prize for the best picture taken that night. (Sad to say I didn’t win **giggles**).Too all my indie/underground rap artist, be on the look out for this king because Fuge says 2014 is his year!. During the release party hosted by the oh so lovely Mia Mendenz from Philly’s own “Hot 107.9 Philly” Fuge was granted the opportunity to speak about himself as a rapper, his music influences, and more with Mia during their interview.

Mia Mendez: “Who do you consider to have had a major influence in your music career? Who do you musically look up to?”

Fuge: “Definitely the greats, you know the legends. I’m talking Nas, Notorious B.I.G., 2 Pac, and Jay-Z.”

Mia Mendez : “With Hip-Hop constantly changing, what is one thing you would like to hear more in Hip-Hop music today?”

Fuge: ” Stories! We need more stories man, *sighs*. Stories draw an audience anytime. If your telling stories in your music people hear that and more than likely can relate to what your putting out there in your music.”

Mia Mendez: “Tell me something you don’t like while writing your music?” 

Fuge: “I can’t stand to hear new beats while writing out my raps. I like to focus on one track at a time, one beat at a time. Now I have to admit that sometimes you know my producer or homie may play a beat and it really gets my attention.” 

Mia Mendez: “Describe yourself Fuge…”

Fuge: “You know, I’m just a down to earth person!” 

Fuge EP titled “Catch Me If You Can” hosted by DJ Damage is available now for download and stream on “” Check out a video clip below as well as photos from the party!!  Follow him @TheRealFuge

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