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Last night I had the chance to catch up with the Fugitive himself to talk about his upcoming project and then some. I haven’t seen Fuge since his “Catch Me If You Can” mixtape release party in Philly last year. Better believe he has been grinding even harder since; so much that he’s been back and forth communicating with the marketing and promotions team at Atlantic Records. Read on to get more insight about Fuge’s moves lately.

RellyRell: “Why did you decide to name your new project “Count Me In”?

Fuge: ” Well, honestly it speaks for itself. When I say count me in I’m basically saying just that. I want to be counted in when people mention hard workers, great artists, people who grind hard. You count me in that category.”

RellyRell: “What exactly where you doing at Atlantic Records?, I seen your Instagram post man” (Giggles)

Fuge: (Laughs) “I’ve been working with Raheem Wright, whose part of the Marketing & Promotions team at Atlantic Records. Raheem believe it or not played a huge part in the success of Migos, Cash Out, & Young Thug before they all became as bug as they are in the industry.

RellyRell: “That’s awesome Fuge!! I see your making serious moves. Did you happen to let him hear that track Cup Spillin’? That was a dope track, I liked that one.”

Fuge: It’s funny you mentioned Cup Spillin’, because when I let Raheem from Atlantic Records hear it he said he wished he had heard the song first before now. He really feel like he could have really take it to the next level for me with that song. None the less we are choosing my second single “For the Low” as the single to move forward with. Out of all seven tracks I sent him from the “Count Me In” project he chose that one.

RellyRell: “When is the video coming?”

Fuge: “We drop the video for “For The Low” on November 25th”

RellyRell: “Talk about Chi-Chi Enigwe’s involvement with your brand.”

Fuge: “Great Help!! Chi-Chi is a good co-manager. I don’t have a manager, I’m my own manager. However Chi-Chi steps in and kind of gives me that second opinion when needed and assists me where she can be of help.

RellyRell: “I know one thing, I’m looking forward to your listening party in New York, December 11th. Why did you choose New York this time around for your listening party?”

Fuge: “The Media! New York has it all. With me focusing more on my brand, and building a strong fan base I know New York is the scene for that.”

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