Fuge Photo

Fuge is a native of Philadelphia already leaving his  mark on the music industry. He spent his adolescent years in west and north Philadelphia, where his interests for hip hop and musical greats from generations past was sparked. Soon after, Fuge’s desire to pursue a career in hip hop quickly solidified. He began to study his craft and musical icons that preceded him. Fuge went on to release hits in the independent musical community, traveling to perform on legendary stages, collaborating with respected artists of his field, and he his soon to release his first official music video, slated to go viral in October 2013, so definitely check back here for that!! This is a “kickback track” & I mess with this song heavy!!!!

I’m glad that everyone involved here is from Philly, because at first listen, I had a kind of California vibe. Either way, understanding music as an art form his gift was influenced in shape by working with hometown produces and talents. Fuge is continuously working to hone his songwriting skills, using his environment and personal experiences as a source to expand his lyrical content and to create impactful music that his fans can relate to and appreciate.

Young Savage is also a hot one to look out for here with a flow and cadence similar to A$AP influences. I’d want to hear more from Fuge and everyone else, this is definitely a song to keep in rotation 😉

Produced by Stashbokz, the different tones in the beat definitely  provide a sound that girls can chill to, and one that guys can vibe to. It already passed my car test (sounding LOVELY in the whip), so I’m gonna give this one a gold star!

Fuge’s style of hip hop is described as a combination of brash delivery that evokes raw emotion. His lyrics bring a powerful energy not only because of its sound, but his ability to make listeners think. Much like his influences, LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G. , and Tupac, who all, too, came from humble beginnings.