SneakerGodz LLC, started by Mr. Anthwon Moore is a street fashion & lifestyle brand that has clothed and worked with artists and companies alike such as Raekwon, Lil Durk, King Louie, Dreezy, Tink, Boys & Girls Club(s) in both Jamaica, Queens, NY and Las Vegas; LEP Bogus Boys, YP, Jack Thriller, Sasha Go Hard, Mikey Dollars, Marvo, KarmaLoop, & Ty Money. The company has previously produced its own customized sneaker & collection of clothing.

Moore was recently featured on channel 13’s KTNV Action News in Las Vegas for his contribution of “100” pairs of shoes to the Boys & Girls Club of Andrew Agassi on MLK’s birthday a few years ago. SneakerGodz’s clothing also appeared in Lil Durk’s –“L’s Anthem” video which has received over 4.6 million views online, and is also the single that got Lil Durk signed to Def Jam Records.

Before the Retro Plugs initial release, SneakerGodz, connected with Chicago clothing titans LDRS 1354 and Fashion Geek, with the concept receiving praise from both companies about the product. LDRS 1354 has gone as far as to release their own customized “LDRS 1354” edition Retro Plugs designed by SneakerGodz, as well as shoot a commercial for the release of the ear plugs.


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